Class Trip to the Climate Summit in Paris?

Would you like your class to go on an exciting and educating trip to the UN Climate Summit in Pari (COP21)?
On November 27–29th a youth climate conference (COY11) is taking place in connection with the UN climate talks. Wake-Up Call is offering to help your school with preparation before the trip, finding accommodation in Paris and with participation in the youth conference itself.

Participants of the youth climate conference in Warsaw 2013

Participants of the youth climate conference in Warsaw 2013

In the past 10 years we have participated in a number of climate conferences for the youth, organised on the sidelines of the COPs: in 2005 in Montréal, in 2008 in Poznań, and in 2009 in Copenhagen. We also helped over 100 Swedish high-school students from three different schools to prepare for and participate in COY9 in Warsaw in November 2013.

This year a historical climate meeting COP21 is taking place in Paris, where a new global climate treaty is expected to be negotiated and signed. In connection with the summit a youth conference will also be held in Paris, where young people from all over the world will gather to work together, learn more about the international climate politics, exchange experiences and influence politicians from their own countries to take their responsibility for a sustainable and climate-safe future.

Wake-Up Call has an opportunity to support your school with practical aspects of the class trip and help your students prepare for an active participation in COY11. For more information please contact us as

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