Kick-off with Ekolibria at Uppsala University

This Sunday Wake-Up Call headed to Uppsala to join forces with Ekolibria – an Uppsala university-based student organisation that aims to spread knowledge on sustainable development to enhance the young generations’s ability to participate in the creation of a more sustainable future. Sounds quite similar to Wake-Up Call’s own mission, doesn’t it? So it was only natural that we held a joint kick-off at Uppsala University.

Wake-Up Call’s representatives and nine eager Ekolibrians met to exchange ideas, share presentations and simply to get to know each other better over the tasty home-made vegetarian dishes that Ekolibria’s members prepared for the kick-off. In the afternoon Wake-Up Call facilitated ‘Redesign the World’ workshop, helping Ekolibria to develop plans and ideas for the spring semester.

All of us at Wake-Up Call are very exited to have made this wonderful connection with like-minded people. You’ll hear more about our practical cooperation with Ekolibria soon enough!

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