We’re walking on sunshine

Valter is happy about the Lester R. Brown's book "Plan B 4.0"

Valter is happy about the Lester R. Brown's book "Plan B 4.0" © IFOK, 2011. Photo: Maja Cronert

This year Young Ideas for Europe can be called nothing less than a success story so far. Day one, two and three have passed and tomorrow is the grand finale. Like many old students, I still had a somewhat living connection to Spyken, my old gymnasium. But what I have faced in our “camp site” classroom this week has surprised me greatly. Young people, just a year or three younger than myself, have shown amazing insight, analytical skills, enthusiasm and compassion for the world that we live in. Through their own presentations and hard work, through the tools/knowledge given to them by the invited speakers Lars Almström and Thomas B. Johansson and through my fellow colleges facilitation, the “Young Ideas” participants at Spyken have done some incredible work within a very short time frame. Tomorrow they will spread light over the many issues and solutions that we have available, today and in the future. Tomorrow, we can all walk on sunshine.

And for now, a word of inspiration and encouragement from one of our political patrons, a great role-model of an activist, a politician and a wonderful human being, Jens Holm:

  • Maja

    March 11th, 2011

    Haha, that is lovely Valter!

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