Morning of the Final Day with the “Young Ideas for Europe”

Good morning! I’m in the Aula at Spyken with the rest of the Young Ideas for Europe-folks and you can really take on the excitement in the air. The blinds roar behind me as Oleg and Adam, our Wake-Up Call colleague from Stockholm, are letting them down.

We are about to watch a promotional video, made by the poitical advisors/election consultants. It’s made just in two days and I am truly amazed!

Also I am very proud to present to you our three smoking hot parties:

Environmental Initiative! © IFOK GmbH, 2011. Foto: Maja Cronert

Party of Planet and People! © IFOK GmbH, 2011. Foto: Maja Cronert

Green Market Party! © IFOK GmbH, 2011. Foto: Maja Cronert

Finally, I want to encourage you to take a look at the media groups awesome new blog about the project:!

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