To infinity and on! (Entering Wake-Up Call)

Hi! My name is Maja and what you’re now reading is my debut blog post at Wake-Up Call’s website.

Oleg and Sven, founders of Wake-Up Call that is now expanding.

It has been an awesome weekend, a couple of very exciting and entertaining days. When I entered Wake-Up Call’s office this Saturday morning Sven and Oleg were there, obviously, and Calle, which I already knew. Except for them there were three, to me by then, strangers – Valter, Mia and Annika – who just a few hours later proved to be in possession of some really funny and cool personalities and above all a characteristic drive and an infectious energy.

Wake-Up Call, expanded

Photo © Hacon Bickerton & Steven Bland. From left to right: Annika, Mia, Oleg, Sven, Maja, Carl, Valter

The point is that, after this weekend they have not only become my friends – but also my colleagues. For during those two days the four and a half of us (since Calle has already been involved for a little while) got to discuss ourselves, where we are and where we are heading, explore our qualities as a group and identify our shared visions. With this as ground we were then introduced in Wake Up Call, as a company and as a platform for engagement, and together we got down to the incredibly exciting task of developing the future of Wake-Up Call – our future to be!

Oleg in action at the “Redesign the World” workshop.

Wake-Up Call has evolved into something extremely cool and attractive, and it’s going to be  a blast to finally be a part of the story, not only as a participant in any of the projects, such as Wake-Up Squad, but as a co-worker and designer. I have lacked tools to give expression to that insistent feeling inside of me – you probably recognize it – that I want to do something. Do something significant, for the world and for all people. What is then really nice, is that I’ll be doing this with the best people ever!

Tomorrow morning the first real work session will be held with great pomp and great vanilla buns. Then there will be four new faces to check out for you interested. So long – a few words of wisdom along the way: “Be the change you wish to see in the world!” (Mahatma Gandhi)

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