Conference on ESD in Uppsala

Elissa Berrill from Wake-Up Call Stockholm informs conference participants about our company

Elissa Berrill from Wake-Up Call Stockholm informs conference participants about our company

It’s Friday morning and I’m on my way to the second day at a conference on Education for Sustainable Development, arranged by the municipality of Uppsala. The conference filled with people from all community sectors, and with the mutual denominator that we’re all interested in “education” and “sustainable development”. Wake-Up Call was not only there to inform about our work, but also to learn more about the subject and meet engaged people.

The conference had kick started the day before with a theoretical briefing about education in sustainable development. Docent David O. Kronlid got us to think about semantic questions such as “should we call it education about/of/in sustainable development or something else?”. He also showed us models about how to discuss whose responsibility the climate changes could be. Great thoughts and very interesting.

But not everything was kept theoretical. There is a large amount of opportunity and time allocated to discussion and critical thinking. We have met sp many people interesting in exactly the same questions as us. We’ve got to inspire and get inspired, connect, and gain lots of knowledge.

The agenda for this Friday – the last day of the conference – is to get us to discuss questions that are more down-to-earth. The question is: how can entrepreneurship be used in education – and it turns out that their recommendations are exactly how Wake-Up Call’s is working! This was great to hear! We always strive to engage and inspire youth to do their own thing while providing them tools to reach their goals. Of course we see Wake-Up Call as an obvious part of this work and movement in education and we hope to reach even more fantastic engaged young people through this network.

Now, it’s time for me to go home for the day but I know that this conference will lead to even more interesting discussions in the future weeks. Getting positive feedback, encouragement and inspiration from the conference participants has me feeling that Wake-Up Call is, without a doubt,  on its way to becoming a great “catalyst for the new sustainability movement”!

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