Wake-Up Call goes Nynäshamn

As part of the EarthWeek activities in Nynäshamn, Wake-Up Call visited this lovely town on the beautiful spring day of March 24th. And we were so glad we did! Three hundred high school students had gathered to first see the documentary HOME and then to attend a highly inspirational and energising talk delivered by Wake-Up Call’s Adam Olsson (on the photo). Adam fired up his audience by sharing stories of youths from all over the planet actively engaging in a work for a more sustainable and beautiful world. The entire Folkets Hus in Nynäshamn was fully packed and the public followed the story-telling with attention and enthusiasm.

After the presentation a girl came up to us and told that she’s planning an event for climate that will include music, talks and happy faces. So keep your eyes and ears open for the ‘Smile for climate’ event in Nynäshamn this summer! 🙂

In two words: a great day! 5/5 toasters! 😉

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