200 youth prepared for 350’s Global Work Party

Last week ‘Wake Up Call’ went to Älvdalen in Dalarna, Sweden, to inspire 200 youth at the local secondary school. We were given half a day so we could start off by helping the students to understand what is happening to our reality, why it is happening, and what young people around the world are doing about it. Then we trained them in small scale project management and let them start up local initiatives for 350’s Global Work Party on 10/10/10. Good ideas were in abundance as usual. Among them, plans for installing solar panels on the municipal swimming hall, arranging a bike race through the community and organizing an acoustic rock concert. We were especially excited about the engagement from the municipality. The local hero and head of Environment, Edita Platbardis, promised to support the implementation of the most promising ideas as well as report back to us about the outcome of 10/10/10. Awesome!

Anyone can contribute to BIG solutions, just take a look:

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