Sweden’s first Power Shift: we wrote history last weekend!

Sweden’s first ever Power Shift happened last weekend in Gothenburg. ‘What is Power Shift?’, you may wonder.

Power Shift was initiated first in 2007, when 6 000 youths gathered in Washington, DC. to show the politicians that there’s a strong demand for improved environmental policies. Two years later the number of participants grew up to 12 000 that gathered outside the Capitol. Ever since the movement continued to organise demonstration that manifested its growing power. One of the most famous examples of that was a flash dance organised in front of the Sydney Opera House.

Last weekend went down in history as the date of Sweden’s very first Power Shift. Over 130 young people gathered in Gothenburg to show how much they care for the climate and for their collective future. In the event’s programme one could find presentations, workshops and a big flashmob towards the end of the three-days conference:

There was also a set of political demands that were highlighted during the event:

  • 100 percent renewable energy in Sweden
  • CO2-neutral Sweden before the year 2030
  • Big investments into the green infrastructure (railroads, high-speed trains, expanded bicycle lanes, climate-proof housing etc.)
  • Sustainable jobs for young people
Power Shift Sweden, Photo © Peter Stenberg / Sveriges Radio

Photo © Peter Stenberg / Sveriges Radio

Wake-Up Call was listed among the organisers and so we were involved in the event’s presentations and workshops. I, for example, made a keynote speech in which I focused on inspiration and the things that motivate people to get engaged. On Saturday I gave a presentation about the situation with the UN climate negotiations.

The entire weekend was a huge success that reached its peak with a big and media-savvy action in the city centre calling for bolder environmental policies from the Swedish government.

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