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The magazine's cover challenges to Wake Up!

The magazine's cover challenges to Wake Up!

The first edition of the new magazine Heroes of Today struck Earth early September this year. It is a colorful explosion of inspiration with “84 pages of people who change the world”, as it says on the cover. Instead of yet another magazine that brings up current problems with environment, climate, society and economy, Heroes of Today points to those sources of light all over the world that are people who try to change the situation and create a better, more just and fun world.

When I was given the magazine, I sat down and read it from cover to cover. Easy to read, informative and fun articles of varying length span a wide spectrum of people, with everything from social entrepreneurs and biking music artists to inspirers and guerilla farmers. Sophy Elevall (chief editor) and Magnus Åkerlind (chief publisher) have truly succeeded with the idea of creating an inspiring feel-good magazine for young, environmentally aware people from all spheres of interest. There is something here for the idealist, the activist, the entrepreneur and the fashionmonger, as well as for those who are simply curious about what is going on in the world.

Because even if it is not the youngest generation that is to blame for the global situation, it is only us – and the ones after – who can make things better. It is incredibly important to know which the problems actually are, how they might evolve and what their reasons are. But today it feels equally important to bring forth those individuals who actually do something – big or small, globally or locally – so that we all can feel hope and believe in a future where all humans live in harmony with each other and with our only home. Bring forth the fact that one person cannot do everything, but that everyone can do something. That we, together, can break those patterns of our ancestors that have shown to be so destructive and unsustainable, and become the heroes of our time – and of our future.

P.S. Check out Heroes of Today’s database of inspiration and then buy your own copy of the magazine!

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