Going to Rework the World!

Rework the WorldWe are really psyched up about the global gathering ‘Rework the World’ that starts on the 2nd of June in Leksand, Sweden. This year it is a combination of Tällberg Forum and the Youth Employment Summit (YES). Therefore the main topic of the conversations in Leksand will be: How do we create between 500 million and 1 billion new sustainable jobs for young people around the world in the next couple of decades? The summit’s five main themes: Energy, Water, Land, Cities and People and hundreds of sessions and workshops, not even mentioning informal talks and project meetings, keep us buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement! Starting tomorrow, we are going to Rework the World! Literally.

P.S.: We are also very happy and proud to have finished updating our new website just in time for the summit. The English and Swedish versions are now fully functional and we invite you to explore ‘Our Story’, ‘Our Services’, ‘Our Portfolio’, or what the (mostly Swedish) press had to write about Wake Up Call. Other languages will have to wait until after we return to our office in Lund, but rest assured we stay committed to linguistic and cultural diversity that is one of Wake Up Call’s core values.

P.P.S.: If you cannot attend the summit in person, you can still follow it via miracles of the Web and the live video feed from the event.

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